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Wet Rooms: Everything you need to know

You’ve decided that your current bathroom is in need of an update. You’ve stumbled across some beautiful examples of wet rooms on Pinterest and might be wondering if a Wet Room would work in your home or, what the advantages might be compared to a traditional shower room? As experts in the installation of Wet Rooms, here’s everything you need to know about how we can create your bespoke design and bring your bathroom of dreams to life!

First, lets cover one of the basics… What is the difference between a Wet Room and a Shower Room?

The main difference between a Wet Room and a tradition Shower Room is a Wet Room is an open, level and fully tiled area that doesn’t need a shower tray, shower screen or shower over a bath. Smaller bathrooms can benefit from the addition of a shower screen to stop everything getting wet but, both result in a more free flowing and modern feeling space.

white and gold shower room

Image By Domas Nova

Next, lets look at the benefits of a Wet Room.

  • Wet Rooms add a stylish, modern & contemporary feel to your bathroom
  • Wet Rooms are ideal for smaller spaces or for a second bathroom as you can do away with the bath giving you lots more space
  • More hygienic and easier to clean with the bonus of less maintenance than a traditional bathroom
  • Wet Rooms are the perfect and accessible solution for the elderly or people with restricted mobility. There are plenty of complimentary features that can be included for addition safety and sometimes funding is available from local councils.

How do we design your dream Wet Room?

We’ll arrange for one of our team of experts to visit you so we can discuss your ideas and make recommendations for the perfect layout to suit your home and needs. Our qualified team have completed a full wet room design and installation course accompanied by 10 years experience so you’re in safe hands with DSB. After a site survey with a friendly member of our team we will provide you with a FREE and detailed estimate tailored to your requirements.

contemporary bathroom black and white

Image by DSB Ltd

What to consider when designing a Wet Room?


Drains are an essential part of the wet room design, functionality and, are even aesthetically pleasing! With lots of different styles available, what you will need will depend on your floor. Your fitter will handle all the pre planning which essential to ensure correct levels and falls can be achieved with existing drainage within the property.


Waterproofing is another essential in a wet rooms as it ensures no water escapes prior to wall and floor finishes being installed. Here at DSB, our expert fitters use only the highest quality waterproofing products and systems to preserve the longevity of your bathroom.

Tiles and heating

Tiling is usually used on both the wall and flooring of a wet room and provides a perfect opportunity to really get creative! Wet room finishes can be comprised of Altro non Slip safety flooring (commonly found in care homes or for a more robust anti slip measures within the home) or standard bathroom flooring tiles. A popular tile to use is porcelain for its durable and hard wearing qualities. Under floor heating is also a luxurious treat in any bathroom!

Glass Screens and shower trays

While a screen is not essential for a wet room, many people chose to incorporate one into their design to contain water from the shower without compromising on the open and spacious feel a wet room provides. Screens are also a great way to define the space and can make a statement in your bathroom. Some people also prefer a wet room/shower room hybrid which can be achieved with the use of low profile shower trays.

wet room design examples

Images By KERV Interiors

Design and fittings

When you begin to plan your wet room, it’s important to think of the addition features you would like to have. Popular items include waterproof recessed storage and even seating. Ordering bathroom suites and accessories can seem like a never ending task so we have made life simpler! Having years of experience installing sanitary ware, we can also offer and recommend quality and affordable products delivered FREE to your door.

Why choose us?

Catering to domestic and commercial clients, all our services and supplies come with a minimum 12 month guarantee. Our aim is to provide peace of mind and protection within your property and business premises. Whether you are convinced a Wet Room is perfect for you or you’d like to find out what we could create in your space, get in touch to organise a free consultation with us to discuss your ideas further.