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water leaking from the joint of a black pipe

Water Leaks:5 Common Causes Of Leaks In The Home

Water Leaks:5 Common Causes Of Leaks In The Home

When it comes to plumbing, water leaks are common.

As with every system, sometimes it fails and the cause isn’t always apparent.

Listed below is our list of the most common causes of water leaks, and what you can do to minimise the damage:

1. Frozen pipes

During the Winter months, if exposed pipes aren’t protected properly they may freeze.

If left frozen, sometimes the pipes burst causing flooding and substantial damage to your property.

TIP: Cover exposed pipes and taps with lagging.


2. Leaking fittings

It’s important to check all your appliances and pipework for minor damage (cracks etc) as a slow leak can cause just as much damage as a major one.

TIP: Don’t just focus on your bathroom, check your kitchen appliances too. Inspect the hoses attached to your washing machine and dishwasher for signs of damage.


3. Damage

How many straight pipes can you see in your home?

How many of your pipes are connected by a joint?

Over time these can loosen so when a pipe is leaking, it is not uncommon for the leak to be coming from the joint connection.

Damage to the joints can also come from the water pressure being too high. This may strain them resulting in cracks and leaks.

Older homes are also high risk as pipes can rust and corrode over time, consequently causing them to leak.

TIP: Regularly check your water pressure, and the seals around the joints. If you can see the joint is loose and cannot tighten it yourself, contact your local plumber.


4. Poor installation

When you move into a new home, you’re at the mercy of previous homeowners.

They may not have used licensed engineers to install appliances and fittings, consequently resulting in broken systems.

Beware of “cowboy builders”, and really ensure you’ve researched a company before you use them.

TIP: Read our blog, “Tradesmen:How To Avoid A Rogue Trader” to find out how to protect yourselves, and your home.


5. Blocked pipes

Depending on what is causing the blockage can determine how quickly your pipes will deteriorate.

Blockages can sometimes contain corrosive substances, but they will also hold up any chemicals used to treat the blockage.

If you aren’t sure what is causing the blockage, it may be worth contacting a plumber as attempting to treat it may cause more damage.

TIP: If simply using a plunger doesn’t help, contact a plumber and ask them to have the drains cleaned professionally.


Unfortunately, as with anything, pipes don’t last forever so it’s vital you have your property and businesses checked thoroughly and regularly by a reputable company.

Here at DSB we pride ourselves on not only our reputation, but our pristine standards which have been accredited by TrustMark and APHC.

For all your plumbing needs, contact DSB today.