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Pipework being repaired by glue on a wooden table

Tradesmen: How To Avoid A Rogue Trader

Tradesmen: How To Avoid A Rogue Trader

It’s so important you ensure the tradesmen or company entering your home are legitimate.

Not only do you rely on them to repair your home efficiently and safely, you trust them, sometimes leaving them alone.

So how can you make sure the tradesmen you employ will do a thorough job?

Say no.

Be confident in saying no to tradesmen that knock on your door canvassing for work:

  • Don’t agree to on the spot repairs;
  • Be wary of special offers;
  • Seek professional help and speak to family members if they claim your house is unsafe;
  • Remember, you’re under no pressure and you can phone the police if they don’t leave when asked.


Research the company.

Firstly, ensure you research the company or tradesmen you’re planning to use.

Read reviews, ask to speak to their previous clients, and be absolutely certain you know who is coming to carry out the work.

Don’t allow a rogue trader to dupe you.

REMEMBER, a legitimate company won’t hesitate to show proof of their insurance documents and registered trading bodies; always ask.


Get multiple quotations.

Gain a minimum of three estimates or quotations.

This will ensure you have a good idea of the average cost of the job, therefore reducing the chance of you paying more than necessary.

If there is a particular company you want to use, it’s always worth asking if they can match a lower quote from elsewhere.


Be specific.

To ensure accurate costings, be specific.

You could draw plans, take photos or look online for ideas.

It certainly helps providing visual aids.

Most importantly, list accurately the important aspects that you require.

A clear breakdown of costs will save potential disagreements over the finances.

You’ll need a breakdown of materials, clear labour costs and all VAT stated where applicable.


Cover every angle.

Establish beforehand exactly what work the company is doing.

A full and detailed estimate will ensure there is no doubt at the end of the job.

For example, who is removing the rubbish or who is responsible for painting the ceiling.

Ultimately it’s your home so make sure they don’t leave you tying up their loose ends.


Are they VAT registered?

If the estimate falls between £7,000-£12,000, consider whether they’re VAT registered.

This may be their first job of this size, and consequently you’re risking leaving your precious home in the hands of an inexperienced company.

To overcome this, check if they’re listed as a Ltd company.


When doing home renovations, the last thing you need is the additional stress of an unreliable company increasing, or even worse, creating problems.

Sometimes, spending extra money can offer valuable peace of mind and protection.

At DSB Ltd we pride ourselves on being a team of dedicated, highly trained engineers.

As a TrustMark and APHC accredited company, we are recognised as quality assured installers.

All our services are provided with a 12 month guarantee, and our main aim is to provide you with peace of mind and protection.

If you find yourself with a plumbing or heating issue, contact us on 01626 444494.