Shower door replacement Exeter - Call DSB today - 01626 444494
Shower door replacement Exeter - Call DSB today - 01626 444494
Shower door replacement Exeter - Call DSB today - 01626 444494
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Shower door replacement Exeter – Call DSB today – 01626 444494

Our clients Mr and Mrs ‘T’ contacted the team at DSB needing a replacement for a problematic leaking shower door.

After their free consultation, our skilled engineers set to work straight away to determine the best solution.

The team decided to completely replace the shower doors and frames, removing the old white plastic frames and installing quality sleek chrome.

They also replaced the frosted glass with clear.

Not only does this ensure the door is fully sealed (so the problem doesn’t return), it also improves the specification for their bathroom.

So would you know when you need a replacement shower door?

Here’s our top tips:

  • Rust – not only is it a sign of an old shower, it’s also dangerous as it weakens the fitting;
  • Puddles – if there’s water outside the shower, it usually indicates the seals need replacing and again is dangerous as it increases the risk of slips;
  • Glass – does the glass sparkle? If not, or if it’s hard to clean, it suggests there’s a build up of scum and it’s time to consider a replacing your door;
  • Door – does the door close flush to the frame? Does it feel like it’s dragging? Does it make a noise? If you’re concerned about any of these, it usually means the fittings are wearing, and you’re at risk of real damage.

When looking for a replacement shower door, it’s also important to consider the cost and layout of the bathroom.

DSB offer high quality, top specification and affordable services, with a 12 month guarantee.

Not only do we provide a skilled team to complete the work, we also source all the materials, and even have a waste licence to remove all the rubbish afterwards.

Contact DSB today on 01626 444494 for all your plumbing needs.

For your free bathroom / wetroom catalogue and installation estimate.