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Biomass pump replacement visit DSB website now

Biomass Pump Replacement

What is a biomass boiler?

Biomass boilers generate heat by using solid fuel (biomass) rather than gas and oil.

As they require more space for solid fuel, they’re usually larger in size therefore demand more maintenance than conventional boiler systems.

How does it work?

Wood is placed into a storage area that feeds the fuel into a combustion chamber.

It is here the fuel is burned to heat the water, which in turn, heats your home.

The boiler can be adjusted to meet the demands for heat, which ensures the boiler is working as efficiently as possible.

If the wood is good quality, it can leave as little as 1% ash behind as waste.

Some boilers will automatically clear this into an ash box, whereas some boilers require a manual clean once/twice per year.

Why burn biomass?

Every year, landfills in the UK accept millions of tonnes of waste wood, making it a good fuel choice.

Burning biomass fuels is better for the environment than burning fossil fuels such as gas and oil.

As wood is naturally occurring, it releases much less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Compared to coal, wood is a better choice of biomass as it doesn’t take millions of years to form.

So what type of wood is best?

Wood chips

This is not only the cheapest form of fuel, but it’s also the easiest to store due to it’s size.

Despite this, they do need to be used quickly as they hold a large amount of moisture which can encourage the chips to degrade.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are a byproduct of wood manufacturing.

Due to their size, they’re best suited to a fully automated system.

It’s worth noting that when used on a larger scale, the dust can be very flammable so caution should be applied.


This would save a lot of money if you have access to large wood resources.

Despite this, the wood needs to be stored for a long time to reduce the moisture content, thus improving efficiency.



Our client Mr ‘C’ called upon DSB when his residential heating system required a biomass pump replacement. Our reliable expert engineers were on hand to investigate and diagnose the issue.

We supplied and installed a replacement pump on his commercial biomass system offering a comprehensive 12 month guarantee. Now the residential home 20+ rooms are receiving heating and hot water ready for the winter months thanks to our expert installers.

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