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Bathroom trends to look out for in 2022

Happy New Year from us all at DSB Heating and Plumbing Ltd. After a topsy-turvy couple of years, we’ve seen ourselves spending more time at home than ever resulting in the often neglected bathroom space becoming a priority. Here’s some of our top bathroom trends to try in 2022. From mixing old and new, using various shades of green or working with luxurious marble, why not let the new year get you inspired for your next renovation project.



Bathroom schemes come and go but green is always a classic (and doesn’t have to come in the form of a 1970s avocado green bathroom suite). From deep, jewel like emerald to earthy and rustic sage, green will be in high demand in 2022 and works perfectly in both traditional or modern bathroom settings. With huge range of tiles available, you’re sure to find a shade, pattern and texture you love.


For those that favour a more classic or spa like feel in the bathroom, marble is a 2022 trend that can go the distance for years to come. Whites and greys add a luxurious and classic feel to any space while darker marbles accents can provide a striking feature adding both texture and opulence to the room.

Old & New

Sleek faucets with period features. Roll top baths with modern design tiles. We predict that the mixing of old and new will be huge in 2022. Invite some creativity into the room with keeping (or replicating) original features and adding a modern twist.


Has 2022 got you feeling inspired? Ready to create your dream bathroom?

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