Bathroom remodel Call DSB today for a reliable service 01626 444494
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Bathroom remodelling Call DSB today 01626444494

Bathroom remodel Call DSB today for a reliable service 01626 444494

Our clients’ Mr & Mrs ‘A’ run an established guest house in Torquay and were in need of a high quality bathroom remodel.

Due to careful planning, we achieved a cost effective makeover to freshen up their dated ensuite.

By replacing taps and tiles, we’ve modernised the overall look whilst improving the specification.

We’ve also installed a new shower with clear glass screen above the bath as space is limited. 


Benefits of replacing existing bathroom fittings

Although you may feel fittings “do the job”, if they’re old they may be in need of an upgrade.

  • Not only do outdated fittings look old, they’re at higher risk of leaking or working inefficiently. As stated by Water UK, a dripping tap can waste up to 5,500 litres of water per year. If you’re on a water meter this will be costing money, and if it’s the hot tap, it’ll be increasing your gas bill too!
  • By decreasing the area of papered wall, and increasing the tiles, we’ve also added a layer of protection from things such as mould and water damage. It also allows for more thorough cleaning.
  • Ventilation in bathrooms can also prove problematic and aggravate the above, so it’s important to check on this. Sometimes purely opening a window isn’t enough and it may be worth considering an extractor fan.
  • Perhaps the most important benefit, updating fittings can improve the ambiance. If your shower head constantly drips on you, or your taps make you feel like you’ve gone back in time, it’s definitely time to consider an upgrade. A bathroom is a place for relaxing.


Our clients’ have reported  that since the remodel, their guests’ are feeling more comfortable and have encountered a more enjoyable experience.

Considering a bathroom upgrade? Contact DSB today on 01626 444494.

Bathroom with white tiles halfway up the wall and a white bath and sink with gold taps

Before the bathroom remodel

White sink and bath with gold taps against a white tiled wall

Old porcelain sink and bath

Chrome shower fitted above a white bath with a clear glass shower screen

New shower, bath and taps

Toilet, sink and bath with shower above against a white tiled wall with a clear glass shower screen

New bathroom remodel