DBS Ltd offer a comprehensive range of general and specialised plumbing, Heating, Bathroom and Electrical services serving the south west of devon and surrounding areas.
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Gas and L.P.G Heating Services & Supplies from DSB

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We understand that keeping your heating system in good condition is very important.

Regular servicing can keep your heating system problem free for as long as mechanically possible. If however your boiler becomes beyond economical repair, we specialise in the supply and installation of new energy efficient boilers with a comprehensive 7 or 10 years warranty.

12 month guarantee on all services and supplies minimum.

Gas and L.P.G services and supply types we can help you with

Gas and L.P.G boilers
Is your existing boiler misbehaving? Do you need a boiler installed? Our engineers can diagnose faults, advise and repair or service your gas and L.P.G  boilers.

Gas and L.P.G safety inspection certificates & Boiler servicing
Are you a landlord looking to keep your rented property within regulation? A home or business owner ensuring gas safety? Our expert engineers are here to guarantee your safety and keep your boiler reliable by using our cost effective servicing. Call our friendly team today for a quality, yet affordable service.

Central heating system
From new installations to extending your existing heating circuit, our design, services and supplies come guaranteed ensuring comfort and reliability within your property or business premises.

Power flushing
Is your heating circuit not heating up as it once was? Are some radiators warm at the top and not in the middle or bottom? These could be the initial signs your heating system is suffering from heavy sludge content. Our expert engineers are on hand to rig up specialised flushing machinery to restore efficient circulation and reliability back into your heating system.

Underfloor Heating
Unlike radiators, underfloor heating achieves an ambient room temperature without sacrificing wall space. Whether it’s a new heating system or adding onto an existing circuit, our experienced services and supplies offer reliability and value for money.

Hot air blowers
Lack of heating is an unwanted and undue stress for any home or business owner. Primarily for retail and business use due to the appliance being installed at ceiling height therefore saving wall space, hot air blowers offer cost effective yet robust heating solutions to any building.